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Green APL's Resources

Our resources are divided into subject areas and each CD you purchase contains worksheets and answers. They are designed to enable a school to move away from the limited nature of past exam questions. There are at least 50 double-sided worksheets in each resource package, together with completed answer sheets and a mark scheme.  The worksheets have been designed to cover the main topics areas for the major examination boards and are not specific to any particular specification. The editable versions of each package allow you to further tailor the worksheets to your specific needs. 

The following subjects are available. Please click on each subject for a breakdown of the topics or themes within the package.
The worksheets have proved to be ideal for many of our customer schools and used in a variety of ways. These include being used in the classroom, set as homework or for detailed revision of individual topics.

We have received a lot of positive feedback about our worksheets and customer schools who have bought one package have often gone on to buy other packages. Here is some of the feedback we have received. You can view more feedback in 'what our clients say.'

"Really useful worksheets and easy to mark!"

"Leads students through in a clear and logical way."

A detailed price list can be found by clicking here. If you wish to place an order you can do so online or by downloading an order form and emailing it to us at

Free Resources

We offer a selection of our worksheets and answers for free so that you can use them in the classroom. There are a selection of free resources on the TES Resources website. You can also access the free worksheets with the answers for all topic areas here.