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For over a decade, we have worked with many different educational companies, from large publishers to small edtech start-ups. Our focus is on creating great science teaching and learning materials for print and digital-based content. We want to be at the forefront of shaping science education around the world and helping to equip students with the knowledge and skills they will need to be successful in the future.

OUR PASSION is science education.

OUR MISSION is to educate the next generation of successful people.

OUR TIME is spent developing high quality science resources.

Work With Us

We hold working collaboratively with other companies in very high regard. Our experience has taught us the value of working closely, with a wide variety of specialists, to deliver an outstanding final result which would not have been achieved in isolation.

Do you require creative science content writers to help you develop a new product or service? Do you want to outsource your science resource writing to an experienced and dedicated team? We specialise in writing science content, with all our writers having years of science teaching behind them.

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Trial your science products with us

We have a small group of carefully selected schools, which we work with very closely, to develop new science products and content for the classroom.

Are you looking to pilot your science products for use in schools? Are you looking to gather feedback on your science products and content from current students and teachers working in schools?

Some Green APL Collaborations…


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The project:

Our client was looking for a reliable and trusted chemistry content producer to write chemistry assets for a multi-million pound Key Stage 3 Science course.

What we did:

We wrote chemistry assets (interactives, PowerPoints, videos, documents etc.) aimed at students aged 11 to 14, which were briefed by the publisher (Pearson) and built by the developer (another company) for placement in the digital version of the student book.

How we did it:

We worked very closely with the client’s publishing team, generating several drafts of each asset and liaised with the developer’s editorial team to produce the required assets, which were tailored to their exacting requirements.

The outcome:

The project involved successfully collaborating with many different teams, across several different companies. The result was a high quality, comprehensive and well-respected science educational product being released to schools in the UK.


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The project:

Our client was looking for a reliable and trusted physics producer to write educational resources to support Tim Peake’s visit to the International Space Station (ISS).

What we did:

We wrote engaging and informative space related resources, which were used in classrooms to give students a better idea of Tim Peake’s 6 month mission in space, while staying at the International Space Station orbiting around the Earth.

How we did it:

We worked very closely with the client’s resource team to produce the educational resources which the European Space Agency (ESA) required.

The outcome:

The resources helped to engage students across the country with Tim Peake’s mission and encouraged them to get involved with a live question and answer session with Tim Peake, live from the International Space Station, during his stay.


(Promoting Equality in African Schools)

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The project:

Writing and editing science related radio programmes for broadcast to students in Zambia and Uganda.

What we did:

Schools in Africa had to close suddenly due the Coronavirus pandemic, including PEAS schools in Uganda and Zambia. Many thousands of school children were sent home and told to stay there. Unfortunately, many students do not have access to computers or an internet connection at home. We worked alongside PEAS to develop radio programmes which helped the students to continue to access their lessons and education at home.

How we did it:

We worked very closely with the team in the UK and the teams out Uganda and Zambia. We followed the in country programme briefs to create radio programmes which continued to deliver the curriculum to isolated students, keen to continue their education, but unable to attend school. We addition, we edited and supported other writers to develop their own material to support the wider effort.

The outcome:

Students were able to continue their studies and still make progress even though they were unable to attend school for nearly a whole year. The radio programmes were well received by the students and PEAS won numerous awards and commendations for their innovative approach to the situation.

About Andrew

Green APLEducation was founded by Andrew Lochery in summer 2008, three years after he completed his PGCE in Secondary Science. He already had a chemistry degree from the University of York in 2003 and with a few years of teaching experience under his belt, it was time to bring his brand of chemistry to a wider audience.

Being a trained chemistry school teacher, Andrew, especially enjoyed using experiments to bring his lessons alive. However, he realised there was a problem with finding high quality chemistry resources to support his students with practising their theoretical content. Most of the resources at that time focussed on a collection of topics, rather than being aimed at one particular topic.

Green APLEducation decided to make things simple and produce two-page worksheet resources, together with fully complete work answers, which were aimed at helping teachers to focus their students on one topic area. The worksheets were designed to be used to assess student knowledge in class or be used as an assessed homework exercise.

Since the early days, Andrew has worked with many other education companies to develop their materials for use around the world.

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